• 7 lvl of the Holy Bless skill now requires gold instead of Stones of the Wise.
  • Detection of pants when Night Shadow gets on a mount has been improved.
  • You can now right-click on an item to move the entire stack to warehouse or guild stash without asking for the quantity.
  • Candles buff duration has been extended (from 10 to 20 minutes).
  • The rewards from the Gate of Dimension have been changed.
  • The bug causing an error when hovering over the item icon in the Item Shop has been fixed.

  • Highlander
    • Axe Crasher - Magic Rune slow effect has been increased.
    • Perfect Body - adds the additional effect of increasing the range of the following skills by 1m: Fatal Blow, Cannon Spike 2, Twister, Trick Swing and Down Stroke.
  • Assassin
    • Deadline - power has been decreased.
    • Storm - power has been decreased.
  • You can feed your EXP-collecting pets again.
  • Some bugs have been fixed.
  • New bugs have been added.
  • Item trading has been disabled. Everyone must collect items for themselves.
  • Rogue class has been removed.
  • A new Royal Knight skill has been added - Five-cut. The knight performs 5 hits in a single attack.
  • Rabbit Poops drop from mobs. You can throw them at enemies to slow them down and blind them.
  • Night Shadow subclass - Masterminder - have been added. A Night Shadow can choose a subclass at level 90. By default, all existing Night Shadows have the Sower of Death subclass.
  • Right clicking in the shop and trade window moves the entire group of items without asking for the quantity. Double-clicking works as before.
  • Re-form Seal, with which you will lock the options you have selected and they will not change as you continue to re-form the item has been added. You can buy it in the Item Shop.
  • Double-clicking in the shop and trade window moves the entire group of items without asking for the quantity.
  • Magic Totems also work on type 2 pets.
  • Dungeon management is available on every channel.
  • 1 hour version of Guardian's Breath has been added. You can get it by exchanging 6 normal ones at Estella.
  • Pure Invisible Pants no longer block the Night Shadow from riding the mount if it is wearing pants.
  • Some of the Iris Item Pictorial Book achievements have been fixed.
  • Since now, elements do not work in PvP.
  • AFK check system has been improved.
  • Polluted Air debuff in the Temple of Forgetfulness has been fixed.
  • Since now, buffs cost gold instead of Stones of the Wise.
  • The price of Re-formers in the Item Shop has been reduced.
  • A bug related to the Hard Nut buff has been fixed.
  • Night Shadow's Magic Rune has been fixed.

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