• The AFK Check system has been simplified to make it easier for you to complete the task while maintaining a high level of security. From now on, no answer or a wrong answer will result in teleportation to Juno instead of being kicked out of the server.
  • The possibility to disable the buff has been added. To do this, right-click on the buff icon and select "Cancel".
  • Skeleton General level has been increased.
  • The level restriction for entering the Chapel Basement has been lowered to 155 lvl.
  • From now on, fewer materials are needed to craft PvE 160 lvl weapons.
  • Casting has been added to all 160 lvl PvP and PvE weapons.
  • The level of bosses in the Chapel Basement has been increased.
  • More mobs in the Chapel Basement have been added.
  • HP and MP steal potions for 1 day have been added to the Item Shop.
  • The maximum level of characters and type 2 pets has been increased to 165.
  • New armors and weapons have been added. You can craft them from the materials dropped from monsters in Mondshine, Chapel and Altar of Darkness.
  • The way of acquiring materials has been changed. Some of them can only be obtained by killing Heretic Pastor Compra and Great Priest Basula.
  • Bags of materials have been removed due to a change in the way they are acquired.
  • Crazy Regendro, Poison Regendro and Great Priest Basula can drop Epic SP Spell and Epic EXP Spell.
  • The Altar of Darkness is now a PvP raid dungeon. You can enter it only on channel 1. You don't need a party or expedition to join.
  • 2 lvl Shiny Jewels have been added. See where you can get them: https://xanthusserver.weebly.com/shiny-jewels.html
  • The level restrictions of the locations have been changed. Mondshine 140 lvl, Chapel 150 lvl, Chapel Basement 160 lvl, Altar of Darkness 160 lvl, Alber 166 lvl, Tarian 170 lvl
  • The numbers in the AFK check have been reduced to make it easier to count the result.
  • Detection of items in the drop bag has been fixed.
  • Guild Honor Wall power has been decreased (from 10/15/20% to 5/7/10%).
  • Damage Absorption (Chaos Aragonite effect) power has been decreased (from 20% to 15%).
  • New quests for the Impressive Weapons have been added. You can accept them after completing the first one. This allows you to get a second weapon in case you want to resell it to someone or change your character subclass.
  • The problem with characters disappearing from sight has been fixed.

On September 16 at 20:00 CEST we will increase the lvl cap to 165! New armor and weapons are coming, great instances in the new version, as well as new Magic Runes. Take advantage of the upcoming events to catch up and get ready for the patch!

  • The range of sight has been increased. Now you will see players and mobs from afar! Please let us know if you encounter any problems because of this.
  • The chance of getting a chaos jewel when combining regular jewels has been decreased.
  • Shiny Chaos Jewel Boxes drop rate in the Floraim Cave has been increased.
  • Middle level supporter has returned to Randol. She gives a buff to the players between 50 and 100 lvl.
  • Jack has returned to Randol. He sells pirate and buccaneer costumes. Hurry up, he won't stay for long!

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