• Impressive Weapons - New PvE weapons similar to the Majestic Weapons that can be obtained by everyone. Not only by the elite of players.

Lvl cap 130 - February 18 - 20:00 CET:

  • New jewels - no levels, simple, obtainable in a different way than current ones.
  • Special runes that improve selected skills. Match the rune to your character and your needs.
  • New 130 lvl weapons - Crafted with Majestic Weapons and additional materials.
  • New 130 lvl PvE weapon - Crafted with Impressive Weapons and additional materials.
  • New 125 lvl sets - Perfect for dealing with the coldness of Bloodymir.
  • Changed course of Merac Castle Siege.
  • Character skills adjustments.
  • And more...
  • Hakashi Katake came to Juno to sell you cheap clothes! Hurry up with your shopping, because he won't stay here permanently!
  • [Buff] Haste 2 price has been decreased.
  • Buff item target selection in a party has been fixed.
  • You can now store and trade boss certificates.
  • A bug that caused the game to close when taking an item from the warehouse has been fixed.
  • Genevieve heals 100% HP again.
  • Glacies has left our land.

Do you like our server or do you know our community well? This is a great opportunity to make a meme about us or our players!

The meme must be about the server or its community
It cannot offend the server
It cannot be vulgar, e.g. that someone has no brain, nothing personal
Content must be in English

After the deadline for submitting your meme, a final poll will be created in which you can vote for the best meme according to you
You can react to each meme, whether you like the meme, it will also help us in choosing the winner

1. Place: 1500 Cash
2. Place: 1000 Cash
3. Place: 500 Cash

The time to participate in the Meme Event ends on January 16th at 23:59. Please send your memes in a private message to the administration.

Good luck to everyone and have fun!

 Team Xanthus

  • Buffs have been added to NPC. You can buy them for gold.
  • Party skills can be used if character doesn't have a party.
  • Guardian Bosses mark effect has been changed.
  • The error that occurred while moving an item from warehouse to a locked bag has been fixed.

At the request of the players, we are extending the Christmas Event until January 9!

Happy New Year and have fun!


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Accounts: 1649
Characters: 4372
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7Night ShadowZephyrus90
Merac Siege: 22.01.2022 - 20:00
Current owners: ValarDohaeris

Dratan Siege: 23.01.2022 - 20:00
Current owners: ValarDohaeris
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1 ExpectansMortem 50
2 ValarDohaeris 50
3 SunTzu 48
4 AngelusWarriors 46
5 Miyamoto 45