• EXP and SP events increase the point base by 20% (the way Dungeon Time works).
  • [R]Adventures in Guardship - the amount of EXP has been increased.
  • [R]The Problem of the Roots - the amount of EXP has been increased.
  • Baby Swamp Spider, Swamp Spider, Parched Soul, Sticky Swamp Spider, Floating Soul, Suffering Soul, Skeleton Healer, Skeleton Gatekeeper, Skeleton Hunter, Skeleton Warrior - the amount of EXP has been increased.

  • Assassin:
    • Fatal Blow - power has been increased.
    • Deadline - power has been increased.
    • Storm - power has been increased.
  • Night Assassin:
    • Magic Thief - power has been increased.
  • Archer:
    • Fatal Blow - power has been increased.
    • Deadline - power has been increased.
  • Damage dealt to monsters has been increased to previous values.
  • Guardian's Breath no longer protects against losing debuffs.
  • All classes:
    • Veteran's Composure - no longer works in PvP. Cooldown has been lowered.
  • Royal Knight:
    • Two hand pierce - power has been increased. Cooldown has been lowered.
  • Specialist:
    • Sonic break - cooldown has been lowered.
    • Ice pillar - power has been decreased.
  • Ranger:
    • Deceiving - power has been increased.
    • Flame arrow - power has been increased.
  • Archwitch:
    • Vision Master - power has been decreased.
  • A new tab in the character status window has been added. You can see the damage reduction values there.
  • The character's hitrate no longer increases the damage it deals.
  • Owl's Tablet of Condition Recovery cooldown has been decreased.
  • Potions of Cure Silence, Stone and Blindness cooldown has been decreased.
  • The upgrade of the equipment a student receives at graduation (50 lvl) has been increased.
  • The exp lock for a type 1 pet when fighting a single mob for a long time has been removed. Since now, you can also gain EXP for type 1 pets by beating monsters with lower lvl.
  • Since now, type 1 pets move at their owner's speed.
  • HP and power of towers on castles have been increased.
  • Kayleen's level and power have been increased.
  • A bug that occurs when using flying has been fixed.
  • The bug causing the boss in Akan not to be visible has been fixed.
  • A bug causing the Party Heal and Party Heal 2 skills to stutter at high casting speed has been fixed.
  • On March 3, the lvl cap will be increased. Get your characters ready for new adventures by then!
  • Castle defenders can use Guardian's Breath again.
  • Invincible mode turns off as soon as you move on the castle siege.
  • The waiting time for attackers to revive has been reduced to 5 seconds and 0 seconds if they have a revival point.
  • The defenders' revival point on the Merak Castle has been moved.
  • Owl's Tablet of Condition Recovery cooldown has been decreased.
  • Royal Knight:
    • Whittling Spray - skill animation has been changed. Power has been increased.
  • Templar Knight:
    • Baller - power has been increased.
    • Photic Shield - skill effect has been changed. Since now, it adds damage reduction.
  • Specialist:
    • Earthquake - range has been increased.
    • Earthsea Enforcement - skill effect has been changed. Since now, it adds damage reduction too.
  • Elementalist:
    • Mental Spirit - skill effect has been changed. Since now, it adds magic evasion too. Power has been increased.
  • Archer:
    • Quick Fire - duration has been increased.
  • Archwitch:
    • Dark Smog - power has been decreased.

Patchlog 08.01.2023

  • The strength of the elements has been changed. Familiarize yourself with the current system here: https://xanthusserver.weebly.com/elemental-system.html
  • Blocking also works on skills.
  • Titan:
    • The amount of HP for each condition and strength point has been increased.
    • Health Mastery - 3 new levels have been added.
    • Charge - skill effect has been changed. Since now, it adds tenacity (total immunity to snare, stun, stone, sleep and freeze) for a short time.
  • Night Ranger:
    • Confusion Capsule - defence element has been changed to storm.
    • Dark Arrow - cooldown time has been decreased.
    • Arrow Storm - attack element has been changed to darkness.
  • Ranger:
    • Focus - power and duration have been increased.
    • Stun Shot - power has been increased.
    • Power Up - skill effect has been changed. Since now, it adds attack and gives defence element.
  • Archer:
    • Poison Arrow - power has been increased.
    • Dexterity of Healer - in addition to dexterity, it also adds movement speed.
  • 6 weapon materials did not drop from Heretic Pastor Compra due to an error. From now on, for the next 3.5 months, the chance of dropping these materials will be increased x2.
  • The material needed to produce the 160 lvl PvP bow (E) has been fixed.
  • Cooldown reduction has been added to 90 and 130 lvl PvP weapons.
  • Guardian's Breath can no longer be used by the castle's defenders.
  • Owl's Tablet of Condition Recovery cooldown has been decreased.
  • When a character becomes invisible, his type 1 pet also becomes invisible.
  • Since now, the pets are visible in cities.
  • Type 1 pets (not mounts) move at the owner's speed.
  • The bug of stacking items such as the Big Book of Melding in warehouse has been fixed.
  • A patch has been introduced to fix a bug related to Guardian's Breath. We would appreciate if you could let us know if the "double death" bug still happens.

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