• The maximum character and p2 pets levels have been increased to 75.
  • Kayleen's strength has grown.
  • Night Shadow can be created when your account has at least 1 character with level 70.
  • Night Shadow skills and equipment have been adjusted to a lower lvl.
  • Added Soul Elevator to the Grocer Wein NPC in Egeha. This item will take you to the 8th floor of the Lust Trum.
  • Erebus and Akan sets got new options.
  • Equipment below level 50 remains on the ground for a maximum of 1 minute before it disappears. The rest of items lie for 3 minutes.
  • AFK checking system will no longer bother you when hitting monsters above level 70 or if you have certain items active (we won't tell you what items).
  • The required amount of EXP for levels 7-49 has been reduced by 10%.
  • Increased initial upgrade on weapons from Guardian System to 10. Increased upgrade on 30-32 lvl sets to 6.
  • Middle level supporter Lumina has been removed.
  • New Player Supporter Elisabeth now buffs characters up to level 49.
  • Genevieve has been moved farther from the PvP arena in Juno.
  • AFK checking system does not work in Monster Combo and Extreme Cube.
  • EXP earned in Monster Combo has been reduced.
  • Level restrictions have been added to some monster Summon Scrolls.
  • Character level required to raise the guild level above 29 has been temporarily increased. Guild quests will be added soon, and with them the required character level will be decreased back.
  • Damage of towers on Merac Castle Siege has been decreased.
  • 30 Day Box has been added to the Item Shop.
  • Teleporting with Party Recall and Character Premium Package, using a P1/P2 mount is no longer possible in PvP Self-Defense mode.
  • Teleporting with Party Recall, Character Premium Package and teleportation scrolls (NPC Scroll, Scroll of Memorizing, Scroll of Recall), using a P1/P2 mount is no longer possible in PvP mode.
  • The AFK checking system has been added. Every 30 minutes of fighting with mobs you will be asked to answer a simple question. You have 5 minutes to do this, or you will be kicked from the server.
  • Production material items drop from "blue" mobs.
  • Golden Treasure Chest rewards have been changed. Current rewards: https://xanthusserver.weebly.com/treasure-chests.html
  • Baal gained protection against Ignition. Respawn time and SP for killing him have been increased.
  • Defense and Magic Defense in p1 passive skills have been lowered.
  • The cost of exchanging the equipment at Collector Ryl has been increased.
  • Pop-up window changed to information in system chat when identifying items.
  • Stone of Shadow options have been changed. It adds silence resistance instead of dexterity.
  • Garnet and Coral's HP have been reduced.
  • Moonstone combining time has been significantly reduced.
  • Rune of Protection has been added to the Perfect Moonstone rewards instead of Lucky Scrolls.
  • Level restrictions to the Lust Trum, Streiana and Bloody-Mir have been added.
  • PvP damage reduction has been slightly lowered.
  • New website independent launcher added.
  • An error related to the expedition and teleportation to another location has been fixed.


  • A requirement to use a password to the game with a minimum of 8 characters has been added. All persons whose passwords are shorter are asked to change them at: https://xanthus.pl/game-accounts
  • Additional security features have been added.
  • After 3 unsuccessful attempts to log into the game, the account will be blocked. You should then unlock it on the website.
  • New bosses Skeleton Sorcerer and Orc Leader are now giving Affinity points.
  • Added more harpies at the city exits in Dratan.
  • The time the message was sent has been added to the messenger.
  • Bad words filter no longer works in guild chat.
  • Magical Shopkeeper Coen from Old Juno no longer sells old type fame armor.
  • Selecting the second item of the "selectable target" option no longer results in an interface reset.
  • Fixed an EXP block issue for p1 pets.
  • Randol Knights Affinity name corrected.
  • Fixed server disconnection when trying to use Bloodseal Gem on accessory.


  • New bosses have been added to Belfist and Procyon. They spawn every 1 hour.
  • The number of monsters in Belfist and Procyon has been increased.
  • The Dratan Castle Siege time has been reduced to 1 hour.
  • Type 1 pet in a Pet Fairy now gets a minimum of 1 EXP point for killing a mob.
  • The minimum entry level for Aaron Guards Affinity has been lowered from 55 to 50. 
  • The power of the towers in the castles has been reduced.
  • Time to logout reduced from 10 to 5 seconds.
  • New daily quests have been added. They start at level 40. You can get gems for the summoning ritual of the Kayleen boss.
  • All inviters can pick up their gifts from the Item Shop.
  • Fixed some places in Procyon and Belfist where it was impossible to kill mobs.
  • Fixed autobuffs at dungeon time.
  • Fixed a server crash issue.
  • Several strings have been corrected.

Server time Server status Players online: 59
Accounts: 2706
Characters: 6864
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Merac Siege: 25.03.2023 - 20:00
Current owners: ValarDohaeris

Dratan Siege: 26.03.2023 - 20:00
Current owners: ValarDohaeris