• Achievements fixed - all players will receive their cash shortly
  • Cash coupons fixed
  • Additional monsters have been added


The server is up! You can start your adventure in Xanthus!
Check out our guides: https://xanthusserver.weebly.com/
Join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/8UA3tRktAf
Hey everyone!
The game client is available for download! We recommend downloading the installer. Thanks to it, you won't have problems with additional libraries. Do you know the bug related to the lack of MSVCR100.dll? You can forget about it!
Download client here and start your adventure!
We start on September 10 at 20:00 CEST.
See you then!

Attention! Only 1 Xanthus Account is allowed per person! 3 game accounts can be created after registering the Xanthus Account and confirming the email address. Please do not create more Xanthus Accounts per person.

What is Xanthus Account?

Xanthus Account is your main account that you register on the website. Each person can register a maximum of 1 account.
Xanthus Account is used to log into the website and the forum.
You can create up to 3 game accounts on the website. Each game account has a separate login and password. All game accounts share cash and achievements. All characters from 3 game accounts will be visible on your profile on the website.

The login and password for Xanthus Account should be different than for game accounts. Never share your login or password for this account with anyone.

From the level of Xanthus Account, it is possible to change the email address, password, username visible on the forum and on your profile, as well as modify passwords for the game accounts.


Thank you.

Xanthus Team

Dear players!
We are pleased to inform you about the new server opening date. Check out the schedule below.
August 16 - registration on the website will be enabled. You will be able to take your logins and create game accounts.
September 10 - opening of the new Xanthus server.
See you soon!
Xanthus Team

Server time Server status Players online: 60
Accounts: 2706
Characters: 6864
Class Name Level
6Royal KnightPioter185
8Night ShadowRiftwalker185
9Templar KnightKnightOfEvil185
Merac Siege: 25.03.2023 - 20:00
Current owners: ValarDohaeris

Dratan Siege: 26.03.2023 - 20:00
Current owners: ValarDohaeris