• List of available quests have been added.
  • Limitation of max 80% damage reduction has been added. In PvP, PvP absorption is included in it.
  • Extra EXP and SP from Dungeon Time and events are shown in the character status window.
  • The way AFK check works has been improved.
  • The number of slots in the personal store has been fixed.
  • Bugs related to the personal store and exchange window have been fixed.
  • A bug causing a server crash has been fixed.

In response to your requests, we are making a test server available to players! To enter it, you need a separate game client. You can download it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1f19has5F0ekK_u3jtbm1YyJ5YVwuPxW7/view?usp=share_link
Your accounts have been copied there, but without characters, items, etc. This is because we want the PvP balance tests to take place under equal conditions. We will distribute you lvl jump potions, equal EQ and necessary items. You can already create your characters.

Joining the test server is NOT mandatory!
Accounts on the test server are not connected in any way with accounts on the normal server. You cannot transfer items and characters from the test server to the normal server.

You are welcome to join!

  • The drop bag has been expanded to 50 slots. Now you can sell items from your drop bag without having to transfer them to your backpack.
  • The stores have been expanded. Now you can sell and buy up to 50 items at once. The new store interface is more user-friendly.
  • Since now, exchanging ingredients for Moon Cakes and raindrops for rewards is also possible when the event is not active.
  • You can exchange all the Moon Cakes for Full Moon Cakes at one time.
  • The guild tasks you receive are now dependent on your level, not the level of the guild. However, in order for a given guild quest to be counted in a guild quest points pool, it is necessary for the quest to be of a high enough level. If your guild is level 75, the quest that a character at lvl 30 received will not be counted.
  • Super Haste Potion 1d has been added. Estella will help you make it from 24 Super Haste Potion. You can also get HP and MP Stealers in the one-day version this way.
  • Perfect, Flawless, Imperfect, Flawed and Chipped Crystals can no longer be sold in the NPC store.
  • Security against running more game clients has been enhanced.
  • The chance to drop runes from Orc Leader and Skeleton Sorcerer has been increased.
  • Archmage:
    • Ice Armor, Thunder Armor, Armor of Mother Earth and Flame Armor are mutually exclusive. You can only have one of these buffs active.
  • EXP and SP events increase the point base by 20% (the way Dungeon Time works).
  • [R]Adventures in Guardship - the amount of EXP has been increased.
  • [R]The Problem of the Roots - the amount of EXP has been increased.
  • Baby Swamp Spider, Swamp Spider, Parched Soul, Sticky Swamp Spider, Floating Soul, Suffering Soul, Skeleton Healer, Skeleton Gatekeeper, Skeleton Hunter, Skeleton Warrior - the amount of EXP has been increased.

  • Assassin:
    • Fatal Blow - power has been increased.
    • Deadline - power has been increased.
    • Storm - power has been increased.
  • Night Assassin:
    • Magic Thief - power has been increased.
  • Archer:
    • Fatal Blow - power has been increased.
    • Deadline - power has been increased.
  • Damage dealt to monsters has been increased to previous values.
  • Guardian's Breath no longer protects against losing debuffs.
  • All classes:
    • Veteran's Composure - no longer works in PvP. Cooldown has been lowered.
  • Royal Knight:
    • Two hand pierce - power has been increased. Cooldown has been lowered.
  • Specialist:
    • Sonic break - cooldown has been lowered.
    • Ice pillar - power has been decreased.
  • Ranger:
    • Deceiving - power has been increased.
    • Flame arrow - power has been increased.
  • Archwitch:
    • Vision Master - power has been decreased.

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