If you have any problem running the game, please download a new game client: https://xanthus.pl/download/zip

  • The server was moved to a new more powerful machine.
  • The launcher has changed, so if the old one no longer works for you, download the new one here: https://xanthus.pl/download/launcher
    Place it in the main game folder.
  • The snow has stopped falling in Juno. Spring is coming!
  • Evasion in evasion 180-182 lvl sets has been increased.
  • Genevieve heals immediately, without waiting 30 seconds after you log in.
  • The bug related to low HP and MP after relog has been fixed.
  • Night Ranger
    • - Dark Arrow - skill again hits deadly when character uses magic rune.
  • Night Shadow
    • - Devil's Grace - The NS's magic rune has been changed. It now adds a spellcasting speed effect to the Devil's Grace skill.
  • The chance to drop Shiny Jewel Box 3 lvl from some mobs in Alber has been reduced.
  • The effect of the Night Ranger rune has been fixed. Previously, it was possible to miss if the character had a lower lvl than the opponent.
  • Genevieve by the PvP arena also restores mana.
  • PvP in Alber on channels 3 and 4 has been fixed.
  • We have made improvements to the drop bag and Guardian's Breath. Let us know if the problems have been solved.
  • Descriptions of some quests have been corrected.
  • The list of available quests has been improved. Since now, when you click on a quest, you will be shown the next quests that are acceptable after completing selected quest. A maximum of 2 consecutive quests in a series are shown.
  • Maximum number of points in the Chaos Laboratory Affinity has been decreased.
  • The number of Affinity points from mobs in Ramslo's Underground Laboratory has been increased.
  • The number of monsters in Alber has been increased: Fire Golem, Withered Treant, Corrupted Spirit of Fire, Ferocious Deer, Ferocious Karunta and Controlled Spider.
  • The number of monsters in Ramslo's Underground Laboratory has been increased: Secret Squad Sword User, Secret Squad Swordsman and Karabakh.
  • The number of Ancient Grey Mummies in Theos' Tomb has been increased.
  • The slowdown effect from the Sphinx Commander skill has been weakened.
  • Item Drop Booster price in the Item Shop has been reduced.
  • The number of materials needed to craft Great Weapons and Imposing Weapons (130 lvl) has been reduced.
  • Icons of some materials have been fixed.
  • Titan
    • - Defence in Courageous Acimad's and Agile Acimad's sets has been increased.
  • Royal Knight
    • - Double bash - power has been decreased.
    • - Triple bash - power has been decreased.
  • Archer
    • - Arrow of Blue Wind, Paralyzing Arrows and Bless Arrow animation time has been reduced.
  • Night Ranger
    • - Multiple Attack - cooldown has been decreased.
  • Specialist
    • - Mark of Earth and Mark of Thunder - these skills only work in the appropriate transformation.
  • The level ranges of quests in Tarian and Ramslo's Underground Lab have been increased.
  • Attack of monsters in Tarian and Ramslo's Underground Lab has been lowered.
  • Since now, ignition can be used in Ramslo's Underground Lab. The extra attack does not work in PvP.
  • EXP from some repeatable quests has been increased.
  • The maximum character level has been increased to 185.
  • The number of EXP needed to reach lvl up between lvl 51-90 has been reduced.
  • Ramslo's Underground Lab is no longer a raid instance. You can go inside without a party. Ignition cannot be used inside. You can only get in there on PvP channels, as there is a free PvP zone inside (like in the Altar of Darkness).
  • New monsters in the Monster Combo have been added. You can get Legendary Coins and open boxes of unique pets with them!
  • Since now, Chaos Prehnite adds PvE absorption.
  • The number of required certificates to craft Majestic Weapons has been reduced.
  • Souvenir Box of Adventurer no longer includes Ramslo's Accessory.
  • "[R] Graveyard Vermin Again" quest max lvl has been increased (from 68 to 69).
  • "[R] Killing for Memories" quest conditions have been changed.
  • Since now, repeatable quests in the Teo's Tomb are assigned by a new NPC who is located near the Infected Grey Mummy spot.
  • Exp from the repeatable quests in the 91 - 143 lvl range has been increased.
  • Shiny Jewel Box 1 lvl and Shiny Chaos Jewel Box 1 lvl drop chance has been increased.
  • The chance to drop materials in the Trivia Canyon and Mondshine has been increased.
  • Bags of materials (Silk Pouch, Old Material Purse, Blue Pouch of Material, Yellow Pouch of Material and Red Pouch of Material) have been removed.
  • Since now, Multiple Attack is a Night Ranger-only skill.
  • Level 3 Shiny Jewels have been added.

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