• Halloween Event has just launched! See what we have prepared for you on https://xanthusserver.weebly.com/halloween-event.html
  • You can now reform 160 lvl PvE weapons (only cooldown reduction option).
  • All 160 lvl PvP and PvE weapons now have the maximum amount of cooldown reduction increased (max 200).
  • When you put your equipment in the Moru of Magic, you will see the maximum possible option values.
  • More Infected Grey Mummies have been added to the Teo's Tomb.
  • EXP Pet Cool-Time Removers have been added back to Stefan.
  • Jack sailed off on his continuing journey. Perhaps he will return to us again someday.
  • Quest names and condition descriptions have been fixed.
  • The stuttering of the left Alt key after using Alt+Tab has been fixed.
  • Skill has been removed from Arzhtan swords.
  • Combining swimsuit with equipment has been fixed (affects Mages and Rogues).
  • Level 21 weapons received during guardian program are upgraded to +15.
  • Exp needed to level up has been reduced in the 50-100 lvl range.
  • Title effects have been fixed.
  • Premium Character Package for 7 days has been added. You will get it for free when you complete your guardian program.
  • Repeatable quests for levels 141-143 and 144-146 have been added.
  • The AFK Check system has been simplified to make it easier for you to complete the task while maintaining a high level of security. From now on, no answer or a wrong answer will result in teleportation to Juno instead of being kicked out of the server.
  • The possibility to disable the buff has been added. To do this, right-click on the buff icon and select "Cancel".
  • Skeleton General level has been increased.
  • The level restriction for entering the Chapel Basement has been lowered to 155 lvl.
  • From now on, fewer materials are needed to craft PvE 160 lvl weapons.
  • Casting has been added to all 160 lvl PvP and PvE weapons.
  • The level of bosses in the Chapel Basement has been increased.
  • More mobs in the Chapel Basement have been added.
  • HP and MP steal potions for 1 day have been added to the Item Shop.
  • The maximum level of characters and type 2 pets has been increased to 165.
  • New armors and weapons have been added. You can craft them from the materials dropped from monsters in Mondshine, Chapel and Altar of Darkness.
  • The way of acquiring materials has been changed. Some of them can only be obtained by killing Heretic Pastor Compra and Great Priest Basula.
  • Bags of materials have been removed due to a change in the way they are acquired.
  • Crazy Regendro, Poison Regendro and Great Priest Basula can drop Epic SP Spell and Epic EXP Spell.
  • The Altar of Darkness is now a PvP raid dungeon. You can enter it only on channel 1. You don't need a party or expedition to join.
  • 2 lvl Shiny Jewels have been added. See where you can get them: https://xanthusserver.weebly.com/shiny-jewels.html
  • The level restrictions of the locations have been changed. Mondshine 140 lvl, Chapel 150 lvl, Chapel Basement 160 lvl, Altar of Darkness 160 lvl, Alber 166 lvl, Tarian 170 lvl
  • The numbers in the AFK check have been reduced to make it easier to count the result.
  • Detection of items in the drop bag has been fixed.
  • Guild Honor Wall power has been decreased (from 10/15/20% to 5/7/10%).
  • Damage Absorption (Chaos Aragonite effect) power has been decreased (from 20% to 15%).

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