• Daily attendance prizes have been changed.
  • The minimum level requirements for Impressive Weapons quests have been lowered.
  • The requirement to kill 100 000 monsters has been lowered.
  • Quests "[N]Noa's Report" and "[N]The Great Wizzard's Letter Delivery" have been fixed.
  • NPC Scrolls have been fixed.
  • Dragon's Horn and Golden Fang drop chance has been increased.
  • More monsters have been added to Bloodymir.
  • The sight range of monsters in Trivia Canyon, Misty Canyon, Floraim Cave, Ebony Mine and Bloodymir has been increased. It means that they will better protect each other.
  • The levels of some mobs in Bloodymir have been increased.
  • The number of monsters in Bloodymir and Misty Canyon has been increased.
  • Trivia Canyon and Misty Canyon monsters protect each other.
  • Shiny Jewel Boxes, Shiny Chaos Jewel Boxes, 5 Lv Jewel Boxes, Dragon's Horn and Golden Fang drop chance has been increased.
  • Veteran's Composure cooltime has been decreased.
  • Craft skills level requirement has been decreased.
  • Blood Shadow and Mist Shadow Dragon respawn like normal mobs.

Today Seikatsu resigned from the Game Master function. Thank you for your help and commitment to the server development. We hope that he will come back to us in some time.
Thank you Seikatsu! <3

  • The maximum level of characters and P2 pets has been increased to 130.
  • New lvl 130 weapons have been added - you can craft them from lvl 90 weapons and additional materials.
  • New lvl 125 sets have been added - you can craft them from materials obtained from mobs in Trivia Canyon.
  • The first phase of the Merac Castle Siege has been changed. More info here.
  • The level ranges in the Akan Temple and Hard Akan Temple drop have been changed.
  • New jewels have been added. Only new jewels and jewels from the Jewel Boxes can be combined with the equipment with a 100 level or higher. Here you can check where to find them.
  • Equipment reset has been added. The Socket Manager Gorec can remove all jewels, sockets and upgrade from the equipment for a fee. The chance to get jewels back is 100%. Attention! Base attack/defense changes to minimal value. You may need to reset your weapon to use it as a crafting material.
  • Level 5 jewels (the old ones) power has been increased.
  • Gate of Dimension rewards have been changed.
  • The Magic Runes slot has been added to the inventory. Runes will be added soon.
  • Guild quests can no longer be traded or stored.
  • The quests for entering Mondshine start at lvl 131.
  • Deadly Hope cannot be used on bosses and mini-bosses.
  • Elementals statistics have been translated into other languages.

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