• New quests for the Impressive Weapons have been added. You can accept them after completing the first one. This allows you to get a second weapon in case you want to resell it to someone or change your character subclass.
  • The problem with characters disappearing from sight has been fixed.

On September 16 at 20:00 CEST we will increase the lvl cap to 165! New armor and weapons are coming, great instances in the new version, as well as new Magic Runes. Take advantage of the upcoming events to catch up and get ready for the patch!

  • The range of sight has been increased. Now you will see players and mobs from afar! Please let us know if you encounter any problems because of this.
  • The chance of getting a chaos jewel when combining regular jewels has been decreased.
  • Shiny Chaos Jewel Boxes drop rate in the Floraim Cave has been increased.
  • Middle level supporter has returned to Randol. She gives a buff to the players between 50 and 100 lvl.
  • Jack has returned to Randol. He sells pirate and buccaneer costumes. Hurry up, he won't stay for long!
  • The possibility to fusion multiple jewels at once has been added.
  • The amount of EXP required to lvlup type 1 pets below level 37 has been lowered.
  • Attendance days are no longer lost when you don't log in.
  • Attendance Insurance has been removed from the Item Shop.
  • Monster levels in the Trivia Valley have been increased.
  • Exp from [R]Animated metal and [R]Dangerous hikes quests has been increased.
  • Imperfect, Flawed and Chipped Crystals have been added to the Magical Shopkeeper Coen.
  • The values of Great Weapons base attack have been corrected.
  • A bug causing a server crash has been fixed.
  • Mob count on the 8th, 9th and 10th floor of Lust Trum has been increased.
  • Soul Scream drop chance has been increased.
  • Super Haste Potion has been fixed.
  • Class information has been added to the Magic Runes.

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