• Guardian Bosses drop Guardian's Breath from now on. This item protects you from losing buffs when you die. Each Guardian Boss drops a minimum of 4 pieces of Guardian's Breath (max 8 pieces). Guardian's Breath protection lasts 10 minutes.
  • More events have been added to Happy Hours.
  • Great Masterpiece Arzhtan Sword reforming has been fixed.
  • The translation of some items has been fixed.
  • A new automatic event system has been added.
  • Now resetting the equipment changes the attack/defense base randomly.
  • The respawn time of bosses in Strayana has been fixed.
  • Party range has been fixed.
  • Happy Hours have been added. Random events are going to turn on after each dungeon time.
  • The respawn time of bosses in Strayana has been lowered to 1h.
  • Master Release Stone price in the Item Shop has been lowered.
  • Skills that work on the entire party have a limited range of 40 meters.
  • A bug that occurs when buying buffs from NPC in Altar of Darkness has been fixed.
  • Level restrictions to enter Strayana and Bloodymir have been removed.
  • Now you can disable the Drop Bag in the game options.
  • The chance of getting a chaos jewel when combining regular jewels has been removed.
  • Merchant ticket (7 days) has been added as one of the rewards for the quest "[N]A Considerate Guard Captain".
  • Some low-value quests have been removed: [R]Traphunting, [R]Buying the Hunter's Traps, [R]Building the Trap, [R]Werewolfing the Traps, [R]Laid to Rest, [R]Fruit Hunting, [R]Skeletonic Gear, [R]Planting a New Beginning, [R]Fruits to Seeds, [R]For the Money, [N]Absorbing Energy Clusters, [N]Cutting Herbs, [N]Stone Mining.
  • EXP for the quests "[R]The Problem of the Roots" and "[R]Adventures in Guardship" have been increased.
  • Black Missionary Black Ascetic count in the Chapel has been increased.
  • Default HP and MP regeneration has been increased.
  • Fusing Shiny Jewels is now possible. However, you always get the same level as the lowest of the jewels used for fusing.
  • An hour has been added to the server disconnection message.
  • NPCs who have a quest for you will be highlighted in color on the NPC Scroll list.
  • More NPCs have been added to NPC scrolls.
  • Scroll bar in the NPC Scrolls has been fixed.
  • Some strings have been fixed.
  • The animation times of some titan skills have been reduced.
  • Halloween Event has just launched! See what we have prepared for you on https://xanthusserver.weebly.com/halloween-event.html
  • You can now reform 160 lvl PvE weapons (only cooldown reduction option).
  • All 160 lvl PvP and PvE weapons now have the maximum amount of cooldown reduction increased (max 200).
  • When you put your equipment in the Moru of Magic, you will see the maximum possible option values.
  • More Infected Grey Mummies have been added to the Teo's Tomb.
  • EXP Pet Cool-Time Removers have been added back to Stefan.
  • Jack sailed off on his continuing journey. Perhaps he will return to us again someday.
  • Quest names and condition descriptions have been fixed.
  • The stuttering of the left Alt key after using Alt+Tab has been fixed.
  • Skill has been removed from Arzhtan swords.
  • Combining swimsuit with equipment has been fixed (affects Mages and Rogues).

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