• Minimum mob damage (this one dependent on the character level) has been decreased.
  • Dark Explosion (Night Assassin) damage type has been changed from melee to magic.
  • Magic Runes have been added. For now, you can buy them from Stefan. Later, they will be obtained in other ways. We will tell you how soon. We plan to add more runes in the future. The rune works for 7 days and can be activated on characters above level 100.

    Here are the enhancements offered by the Magic Runes for each skill:
  • Warmaster - Toughness (Passive) - The rune adds 10% stone, sleep, freeze, stun and snare resist
  • Highlander - Axe Crasher - The rune adds slow down effect to the enemy (15%)
  • Temple Knight - Reflection Shield (Passive) - The rune increases reflect chance by 15%
  • Royal Knight - Royal Resistance (Passive) - The rune adds 20% slow resist
  • Archer - Poison Arrow - The rune makes this skill hit 3 targets at once
  • Cleric - Despair Mark - The rune makes this skill increase magic damage dealt to the enemy
  • Wizard - Chaos Nova - The rune makes this skill hit 3 times instead of 2
  • Witch - Burning Flame - The rune makes this skill hit 5 targets at once
  • Assassin - Deadly Hope - The rune increases chance of weakening enemy to 100%
  • Ranger - Controlled Shooting - The rune makes this skill slow down the character instead of immobilizing it
  • Elementalist - Mana Screen - The rune decreases mana cost from 1% to 0.5% per hit
  • Specialist - Mark of Earth - The rune adds 30% evasion boost
  • Night Shadow - Soul Eruption - The rune increases the damage dealt by this skill by 50%
  • Night Assassin - Magic Thief - The rune makes this skill drain MP from 10 targets at once and increases its power by 100%
  • Night Ranger - Dark Arrow - The rune makes this skill always hit
  • Archwizard - Meteorite Fall - The rune adds weakening of healing effects (30%) to this skill
  • Archwitch - Incineration - The rune increases the damage dealt by this skill by 50%
  • Impressive Weapons quests have been fixed.
  • General server maintenance.
  • We'll be starting with new content soon!
  • Daily attendance prizes have been changed.
  • The minimum level requirements for Impressive Weapons quests have been lowered.
  • The requirement to kill 100 000 monsters has been lowered.
  • Quests "[N]Noa's Report" and "[N]The Great Wizzard's Letter Delivery" have been fixed.
  • NPC Scrolls have been fixed.
  • Dragon's Horn and Golden Fang drop chance has been increased.
  • More monsters have been added to Bloodymir.
  • The sight range of monsters in Trivia Canyon, Misty Canyon, Floraim Cave, Ebony Mine and Bloodymir has been increased. It means that they will better protect each other.
  • The levels of some mobs in Bloodymir have been increased.
  • The number of monsters in Bloodymir and Misty Canyon has been increased.
  • Trivia Canyon and Misty Canyon monsters protect each other.
  • Shiny Jewel Boxes, Shiny Chaos Jewel Boxes, 5 Lv Jewel Boxes, Dragon's Horn and Golden Fang drop chance has been increased.
  • Veteran's Composure cooltime has been decreased.
  • Craft skills level requirement has been decreased.
  • Blood Shadow and Mist Shadow Dragon respawn like normal mobs.

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