• Some items fall straight into the Drop Bag instead of dropping onto the ground.
  • The upper level limit for the quest [N]A useful companion has been changed to 69.
  • The amount of EXP from the [R]Animated metal and [R]Dangerous hikes quests has been increased.
  • Potions no longer drop from mobs in the Teo's Tomb.
  • [Event] Jewel Boxes from the Gift Box stolen by Grinch has been replaced with Jewel Boxes.
  • Items that cannot be sold will be ommited after using "Sell all" option in the Drop Bag.

Xanthus Server Game Rules have been modified.
Point 1.7 has been added.
Point 3.13 has been changed.
Point 5.2 has been changed.
You can see the current regulations at: https://xanthus.pl/agreements
If you do not agree with the provisions of the regulations, you can resign from playing on our server.

  • Snow has fallen in Juno!
  • Item swapping in the warehouse has been fixed.
  • Items picked up in the random drop party mode will go to the Drop Bag.
  • The drop chance from a Christmas Gift Box has been increased.
  • Guardian Bosses power has been decreased.

We are opening recruitment for GM! Please submit your application in a private message to Santhia on Discord or by e-mail via the contact form on the website. Please provide information about yourself. What is your nickname, how long have you been playing on our server. For now, we are looking for one person. We accept applications until December 19.

Thank you!
Xanthus Team

  • Drop Bag has been added. Each picked up item will go to the Drop Bag in the first place. You can sell all items in the Drop Bag with one click (you need a merchant ticket).
  • New christmas boss - Glacies - has been added. Only pets can deal damage to him. Each fighting character will receive a reward for killing him.
  • The character will stay in the game for 5 seconds after the game is closed.
  • Tab key only works in PvP. This is a temporary change. We want to see if this will eliminate the bot problem.
  • AFK Check System behavior has been changed.
  • Guardian Bosses power has been decreased.
  • Chaos Aragonite power has been decreased from 30% to 20%.
  • Chaos Malachite effect duration has been lowered from 10 to 5 seconds.
  • Medium Medicine HP recovery power has been lowered from 60% to 30%.
  • Strong Medicine HP recovery power has been lowered from 100% to 50%.
  • Owl's Tablet of Vitality Recovery power has been lowered from 60% to 30%.
  • Cooldown of scrolls from the Keron Mage Collective has been decreased.
  • In-game event calendar has been fixed.

Server time Server status Players online: 15
Accounts: 1994
Characters: 5069
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1Night ShadowZephyrus130
9Night RangerErinka130
10Royal KnightKnightOfEvil130
Merac Siege: 13.08.2022 - 20:00
Current owners: ExpectansMortem

Dratan Siege: 14.08.2022 - 20:00
Current owners: ALTERNATYWA
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1 ExpectansMortem 52
2 SunTzu 52
3 ValarDohaeris 51
4 AngelusWarriors 46
5 Miyamoto 46