• Polish, German and Spanish have been added to the game client. Due to the numerous problems with adding Russian to the game, we decided not to do it.
  • Multilingual global chat has been added. You can write on it in your own language without fear of silencing. When using the multilingual chat, you have to write in the right color.
  • Normal global and trade chat are still in English only.
  • The launcher has been updated. You can choose the language of the game there.
  • Mass opening added. To open any amount of boxes, right-click on an item in the inventory and select "Mass opening".
  • Itana has made her services more expensive.
  • Fixed the appearance of Night Shadow's legs in the swimsuit and Mage's pants in the Western Costume.
  • Traps in Monster Combo now deal damage equal to 15% of a character's max HP.
  • From now on, there are as many traps in Monster Combo as there are players. Each player "has" a trap depending on his position.
  • Akan monster levels have been increased. Bosses have received protection against Ignition.
  • Chests in the Temple of Forgetfulness have been moved.
  • Items in Mazar Energy Ball have been changed.
  • Heaven Stone drop chance has been increased. The chance increases with the level of the killed mob.
  • Gold from Cursed Weaver and Cursed Lich has been increased.
  • The level required to claim your Aaron Guards Affinity reward has been changed to 75.
  • The level required to claim your Jinarr Forces Affinity reward has been changed to 90.
  • The level required to claim your Black Fog Tribe Affinity reward has been changed to 100.
  • Owl's Tablet of Agility and Concentration duration have been increased to 5 minutes. Owl's Tablet Box price has been increased.
  • One of the rewards in the Rain Event has been changed. Candy x5 have been changed to Candle x1.
  • Minimum mob damage has been increased. It now depends on character lvl and difference between character level and mob level.


  • Terra Spear range has been increased.
  • Burning Flame and Epidemic damage has been increased.

As requested by players, we will not be doing jewel related events. 

Do you want to help us get more players? More players is more fun!
We know you are very gifted, so we have a proposition for you!
Show everyone what you like the most about our server!
Record a short video and get cash and thalers!

Event rules

  • Video must be at least 2 minutes long.
  • The name of the server (Xanthus) must appear in the video.
  • The video must be publicly available on YouTube.
  • The description of the video must include the address of the server's website (https://xanthus.pl/) and a link to our Discord (https://discord.gg/8UA3tRktAf).
  • The title of the video must contain the phrase "Last Chaos Xanthus Server". You can add something extra from yourself (e.g. competition film, server presentation, etc.).

Event prizes
We will reward every video, but we have special prizes for the top 3. The winners will be chosen in a poll.
The administration will have the deciding vote. We can give you extra points for style!

1st place - 8000 Cash and 20 Thalers
2nd place - 6000 Cash and 15 Thalers
3rd place - 4000 Cash and 10 Thalers

You have to post your video on YouTube until October 24 and send us a link to it.

For video editing, we recommend the free DaVinci Resolve program. You can download it from here: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/pro...avinciresolve/
Of course you can use any other program.

Good luck everyone! 

  • Lucky Smelting Stones upgrade window has been changed. Now no longer proposes the use of runes of protection.
  • Target Autobuff Owner have been added to the Pet Merchant Polly. Thanks to it, your pet can buff you without any additional condition.
  • Fixed a PK bug.
  • The gold from some monsters has been lowered.
  • You can use the TAB key regardless of the character level.
  • AFK checking system now only activates when using the TAB key regardless of character level.
  • Element in the Storm Cloud skill has been fixed.
  • Akan bosses have been strengthened.
  • Cursed Weavers and Cursed Liches have been strengthened.
  • The drop chance of a lvl 70 Night Shadow weapon has been increased.
  • The function of changing the quickbar with the left ALT key has been disabled.
  • AFK checking system no longer works in Gate of Dimension.
  • AFK checking system improved.
  • Rupes Pants evasion has been fixed.
  • More Cursed Weaver and Cursed Lich added.
  • The TAB key now works only for characters with a minimum of level 70.
  • Advanced Potions of Cure added to the Magical Shopkeeper Coen.
  • Antidote and Advanced Antidote also remove slowdown effects.
  • Cure items cooldown time has been decreased.
  • Laca Ball has been sped up.
  • Custom Title Scroll (3d) drops from raid bosses.
  • The reward in the Moonstone Golem (Perfect Moonstone) has been changed. Instead of a Lucky Smelting Stone you can win a 30 Day Box.
  • Channel 4 has been changed to PvP channel.
  • By killing a player with the same or higher level than yours, you will no longer lose PK points.
  • Yuzak (Akan final boss) drops Master Stone (Max +17) and Advanced Grade Re-former.
  • Kayleen drop chance has been increased.
  • Blue Stone, Magic Stone, Eye Of Gust and Eye Of Desert have been changed to material items. They can now be stacked.
  • The additional Heaven Stone drop chance has been lowered.
  • EXP block for p1 when hitting a mob over 5 minutes has been fixed.

Night Shadow
All Night Shadow skills can now be used without souls. If you have souls, your skills will be additionally strengthened (10%).

Night Ranger

Blood Boil duration has been increased.

Storm Cloud element has been changed to earth.

Check out our guide on https://xanthusserver.weebly.com/

  • The maximum character and p2 pets levels have been increased to 75.
  • Kayleen's strength has grown.
  • Night Shadow can be created when your account has at least 1 character with level 70.
  • Night Shadow skills and equipment have been adjusted to a lower lvl.
  • Added Soul Elevator to the Grocer Wein NPC in Egeha. This item will take you to the 8th floor of the Lust Trum.
  • Erebus and Akan sets got new options.
  • Equipment below level 50 remains on the ground for a maximum of 1 minute before it disappears. The rest of items lie for 3 minutes.
  • AFK checking system will no longer bother you when hitting monsters above level 70 or if you have certain items active (we won't tell you what items).
  • The required amount of EXP for levels 7-49 has been reduced by 10%.
  • Increased initial upgrade on weapons from Guardian System to 10. Increased upgrade on 30-32 lvl sets to 6.
  • Middle level supporter Lumina has been removed.
  • New Player Supporter Elisabeth now buffs characters up to level 49.
  • Genevieve has been moved farther from the PvP arena in Juno.
  • AFK checking system does not work in Monster Combo and Extreme Cube.
  • EXP earned in Monster Combo has been reduced.
  • Level restrictions have been added to some monster Summon Scrolls.
  • Character level required to raise the guild level above 29 has been temporarily increased. Guild quests will be added soon, and with them the required character level will be decreased back.
  • Damage of towers on Merac Castle Siege has been decreased.
  • 30 Day Box has been added to the Item Shop.
  • Teleporting with Party Recall and Character Premium Package, using a P1/P2 mount is no longer possible in PvP Self-Defense mode.
  • Teleporting with Party Recall, Character Premium Package and teleportation scrolls (NPC Scroll, Scroll of Memorizing, Scroll of Recall), using a P1/P2 mount is no longer possible in PvP mode.

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Characters: 4903
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