Dear Players! We have noticed that EXP boosters give too much of an advantage. When combined with 500% EXP spell, huge amounts of exp are gained. We have decided to lower their power from x4 to x2. To be fair to you, we are announcing this change beforehand. The power of EXP boosters will be lowered on November 19th.

  • Type 1 pet picking up animation has been removed. Thanks to this, they collect items faster.
  • Drop from the Mazar Energy Ball has been changed.
  • Tab key bug has been fixed.
  • Friend list channel bug has been fixed.
  • Attendance check bug has been fixed.
  • Shrine bug related to the amount of sacrificed gems has been fixed.
  • Demonic Wings and Wings of the Dusk names in the Item Shop have been fixed.

According to the voting of players, the patch with lvl cap 90 will enter our server on November 19 at 20:00!

  • Type 1 pets are better at avoiding obstacles.
  • Pets will no longer attempt to pick up items that belong to another player.
  • You can no longer complete quests in Monster Combo.
  • More Jumping Devils have been added to Temple of Forgetfulness.
  • Evolving pet into a Succubus has been fixed.
  • Scarecrow will now replace all pumpkins at once.
  • The default amount of gems offered in the Shrine has been changed to 1.
  • The price of Oscar's Monster Summon Book has been increased.
  • Mass opening of Oscar's Monster Summon Book has been fixed.
  • Pet Fairy now works without the need to take out the p2 pet.
  • The reward in Guild Quest #1 has been fixed.
  • Heaven Stone has been replaced by [Party] Increase Attack Power and [Party] Increase Defense in the pumpkin rewards.
  • The channel is now displayed next to the nick in the friends list.

A special Lacaball will be available during the Halloween event. You can get tokens for it by completing the daily quest. The quest will only be available for 1 character per person. By default, this will be your oldest character with the highest level. You can change the character that will be able to perform the quest. To do this, write to Santhia on Discord or via the contact form on the website. Tokens will also be available in the Item Shop. There will be 10 tokens available daily. The main prize in Lacaball is the Scary Coupon. You can exchange it for any 85 -10 weapon or any part of the 75-77 set b6e. Please write to Santhia for this. 

We wish you luck! Xanthus Team

  • 40 new guild quests have been added. More info in the guide:
  • Mob minimum damage has been reduced.
  • Halloween event Scarecrows will exchange all of your Empty Baskets for candies at once.
  • Chat highlighting has been fixed.
  • Some strings have been corrected.
  • Cooldown reduction now works on Rapid Arrow.

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