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Xanthus Server Game Rules

1. Account
1.1 It is allowed to have one Xanthus Account with three Game Accounts on it per person.
1.2 Only one user can use a given account. The user is obliged to keep secret the login details for all his accounts. Logging in to someone else's account is also prohibited.
1.3 It is not allowed to trade characters, items and goods from the game for real currency, including funds that are considered or may be considered real currency (Bitcoin, PaySafeCard, etc.).
1.4 The Xanthus Account should be linked to a real email address that the player has access to. If there is no access to the assigned address, it is not possible to receive messages from the Administration, and thus, it is not possible to know the details of a possible account ban.
1.5 A maximum of 3 game accounts and 1 Xanthus Account can be associated with the same IP address. The game of more people must be reported to the Administration. The fact of sharing the IP address should be reported to the Administration within one day from the creation of the next Xanthus account. The administration reserves the right to possibly link accounts, when imposing a penalty, if it is impossible to determine which of the users has broken the regulations.
1.6 It is allowed to run a maximum of 3 game accounts on one computer.
1.7 In case of suspicion of breaking the rules, players may be asked to appear on the Discord server for verification. The verification process consists of answering orally questions asked by Game Master, executing the ordered commands in the game and sharing the game window (video stream). If players fail to do so, their accounts may be blocked.

2. Naming
2.1 Names imitating the nicknames of server administration members or in any way suggesting belonging to the server administration are forbidden.
2.2 Vulgar, offensive, racist, indecent, consisting of random sequences of letters and numbers names are forbidden.

3. Behavior in the game
3.1 It is forbidden to insult other players and the Administration. A culture of expression should be preserved. It is forbidden to use content that may offend or defame other players, the Administration or third parties. Harassing other players, promoting or supporting stalking is prohibited.
3.2 It is forbidden to use profanity and bypassing the chat filter. Unfinished vulgar words are also considered inappropriate.
3.3 It is forbidden to advertise other games and servers.
3.4 Kill-stealing is forbidden (attacking monsters previously attacked by another player), the first strike rule is decisive.
3.5 It is not allowed to summon monsters near entrances to cities, instances, teleporters, temples in order to disturb other players. It is also forbidden to summon and attract monsters (especially in larger numbers) near battles for the city or event venues. It is forbidden to summon monsters near other players in order to harm them or their pets.
3.6 It is forbidden to gain experience for characters / pets, gain Affinity points and Iris League points, skill points or items while the player is away from the keyboard (afk).
3.7 Trading in the game is at the players' own risk. The administration does not return items lost in the event of failure to meet contracts between players.
3.8 It is forbidden to buff players who do not wish to do so.
3.9 It is forbidden to deliberately enter and stay in places that cannot be reached by the standard road, i.e. by walking or running.
3.10 When participating in events organized by GS / GM, it is required to follow the rules set by the leader. In the event of determining one win per person, it is forbidden to participate in the event on several accounts. For attempting to cheat, the player will be forfeited all prizes earned during the event. Further consequences are also possible.
3.11 The main language of the server is English. It is forbidden to use a language other than English in public chats.
3.12 It is forbidden to write publicly about the penalties imposed.
3.13 It is forbidden to kill monsters on more than one Game Account at a time. This applies when a player uses more than one Game Account at the same time to earn EXP, SP, Affinity points, EXP for a pet or to acquire items by killing monsters. It is allowed to fight the same monster (e.g. the boss) on multiple characters (accounts). It is allowed to use other characters (accounts) to buff or collect items. Examples: You can exp your other character. You cannot drop on two accounts on two computers at the same time.

4. Game bugs
4.1 It is forbidden to use the bugs of the game in order to provide yourself and others with benefits and an advantage over other players.
4.2 Any errors encountered should be reported to the Server Administration. Not reporting a bug that you know is a breach of this section of the rules.

5. Cheating
5.1 It is forbidden to modify the game client in any way.
5.2 It is forbidden to use external software to gain an advantage over other players (e.g. software that performs cursor movements and button sequences). A macro is allowed if it is not used to automatic gain EXP, SP, Affinity points, EXP for a pet or to acquire items by killing monsters without player's activity (while player is AFK).
5.3 It is forbidden to take any actions or promote actions that have a negative impact on the smooth operation of the server.

6. Administration
6.1 Game Masters cannot give items or gold to other players. Exceptions are items obtained in challenges / events, as well as players' items (see point 6.6).
6.2 It is forbidden to mislead members of the Administration.
6.3 The orders of the members of the Administration must be carried out.
6.4 It is forbidden to discredit members of the Administration and any actions aimed at damaging the server.
6.5 It is allowed to temporarily add members of the Administration to the friends list in order to clarify a more serious problem. In other cases, use whispering or general chat. After the end of the conversation, players will be removed from the friends list.
6.6 It is allowed to move items with the help of a member of the Administration, provided that he has free time and is able to do so.

7. Sanctions
Depending on the degree of violation of the regulations and previous offenses, the player may receive a temporary ban of the Xanthus Account (1 hour, 1 day, 2 days, 3 days or 7 days), permanent ban of the Xanthus Account, ban on playing on the server. In some cases, penalties may apply to all associated Xanthus Accounts or the IP of the respective user will be blocked.
In case of violation of point 3.6, confiscation of the pet that has been gaining experience may be applied.
In case of violation of point 2.2, the character's nickname may be changed by the Administration to a temporary one.

Usually, the player receives sanctions in order from the time block of 1 hour (so-called warnings) to a permanent ban and possibly a ban on playing on the server. In the case of further violations of the regulations, the player receives a penalty of one higher degree. Therefore, for the same offense, players may be punished in different ways.
Note: There are the following exceptions to this rule:
In the event of a simultaneous violation of points 3.6 and 5.2, sanctions start with the account / accounts being blocked for 7 days.
In case of violation of point 3.1. the penalty depends on the severity of the offense. This could be a player mute or an account ban.
In case of violation of point 3.13. the sanctions start from the 1 day ban.
In case of violation of points 4.1, 5.1 and 5.2 to a significant extent, the sanctions start from the permanent ban of the account / accounts.
In the event of a suspected violation of the regulations, the account may be blocked for clarification, i.e. for an indefinite period.
Banned from playing on the server means that any subsequent account of a person may be permanently banned without additional reason and without warning. This type of punishment is used in extreme cases.

We reserve the right to amend these regulations. Players will be informed about each change.

By registering and taking part in the game, through activity in the game or on the forum, you agree to the terms of the Game Rules and the Forum Rules and any consequences resulting from their failure to comply with them.


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